Who are we

MadiApps - Group of Agencies specialized in Mobile Application and Web Development

A fully dedicated team to your mobile application and web projects

We are a team deeply passionate and involved in the IT industry. For end consumers as for internal processes, our experts will assist you in order to find the best digital solutions, suited to your requirements.

Our core business is focused on mobile application and webdevelopment. We work on native technologies like iOS and Android as well as on hybrid technologies such as PhoneGap or purely web technologies like JQuery Mobile.

Our values

Our Corporate Culture


Since 2015, our Malagasy’s agency is efficiently supporting our English and French speaking clients based in Europe, Middle East and Africa, in offering a quick reactivity ( Slight time differences ).


An optimal level of quality applied in the realization of your product as well as in our close relationship


A constant monitoring of new technologies and innovative applications to advise you on the best.


We pay attention to a decent business ethic, applied to our customers, as our employees.

Our Core Businesse


On smartphones or tablets, the largest mobile application platform allows you to reach 75% (Q3 2018) of global users.


Having an iOS application on the Apple Store is a guarantee of visibility andallow you be present on the second largest platform on the global market.

Windows phone

Despite this platform is less used, our teams maintain their comptences to develop and suggest an reverse enginering, in oder to adpat your product to current devices.

Cross platforms

Ideal for a punctual or promotional application, cross-platform services are able to roughly reduce development costs by 40% on short time period.


Mobile sites, responsive, is crutial to cover the market of tablets and smartphones, whatever the operating systems you will use.

Our experts at your service

From the design to the recipe phase, we assist you on each step.

They trusted us !

Why do believe in outsourcing in Madagascar ?

Why externalize your developments abroad ?

Different motivations push companies to outsource their IT developments abroad. This is mainly due to a lack of internal, structural, ad hoc resources or a corporate strategy.Nevertheless, the goal remains the efficiency of your entity. The gain generated by the outsourcing of IT developments can be one of the keys to the success of your competitiveness. What you gain on one hand, cannont be lost on the other hand."What is well designed is clearly stated" accoridng to the French poet, Boileau. Despite the physical distance with our clients, we stay close to you in offering a quick reactivity (slight time diffrences with Europe and Middle East)> Moreover, we are sharing with you the same values of effeciency and quality. you will be closely supported by us. We will do understand each other, in all its nuances and its requirements.Our main focus is the fundamental respect of all apecifications of a project: content, delays, qualitative requirements. Scrums methodoly is used to give you the best.

Why choose Madagascar ?

Madagascar is the best compromise cost/quality regarding the outsourcing of mobile application and web developments, which remains a significant investment in Western countries. Our slight time difference, ensure you to be constatly be in touch of the proggression of your project. Moreover, we are observing to a regular improvement in computing and its teaching for fifteen years. It is allowing us to use a real increase of skills and competences of most of direct actors in IT industries (project managers, developers, integrators, etc... ).